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Body Builder™ 960ml


Body Builder™: The Natural, Healthy and Safe Supplement.

Body Builder has been used by some of the BEST in the industry successfully for over 20 years. Rice Bran Oil and Rice Bran Oil Extract are natural compounds. Body Builder is a unique, specially formulated, emulsified liquid concentrate equine health product, which means that the absorption of the supplement is greatly enhanced and effective. One bottle, one horse, two months.

Body Builder™ is not a hormone or a vitamin, it is a supplement. It has no side effects and can be sold without a prescription. It is being used by body builders, horses and other athletes.

This equine health product is natural and safe. This supplement is designed for body building and peak performance without stress and/or other side effects.


“I just thought I would drop you a note on your product, Body Builder. As you know, we have used it for several years as part of our regular sale preparation regimen for our weanlings, yearlings and mares. In addition, our racing stock also receive Body Builder daily. On occasion we have also used Body Builder for horses of all ages who have difficulty gaining or maintaining weight due to stress of training. We seem to get improved weight gain and better coats. Keep up the good work.” D.C., DVM

Feeding directions:
<50kg 2.5ml once daily / 100 - 200kg 10ml once daily / >200kg 15ml once daily

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Increase fertility in Males & Females – Problem Broodmares – 2 YO’s in training – Weanling & Yearling – Increase muscle mass – Better performance in racing