Breeze Up 1L


Product Details:

Healthy breathing is essential for horses and ponies which may be affected by external factors such as infections. Breeze Up only contains natural herbs for horses and can be added to the horse feed, or fed directly to the horse. Use at the first signs of discomfort.


  • A natural aid to healthy breathing
  • Contains eucalyptus and menthol
  • Suitable for all horses and ponies
  • Contains honey and plant extracts
  • Can be added to the horse feed or fed directly to the horse
Feeding Directions:
3-4 hours before work or as required give 30ml orally per day.
Composition per Ltr.:
Eucalyptus oil 11.24ml

Menthol 0.43ml

Lemon juice 13.58ml

Honey 309.4ml

Garlic 5.4ml

Cider vinegar 500ml

Syrup base 159.95ml