BRL’s Un-Lock Paste & Powder


UN-LOCK Advanced Muscle Formula is a unique combination of muscle-supporting amino acids including L-valine, L-lucine, L-isolucine, l-glutamine, L-arginine and L-carnitine, plus electrolytes and essential vitamins!

When we were formulating UN-LOCK, we made sure to include only proven nutrients to improve performance, prevent cramping and tying up, maintain top speeds and improve muscle recovery.* When this happens horses obtain dramatic gains in endurance and performance.*

What Makes UN-LOCK different?
UN-LOCK contains more BCAA's, amino acids, electrolytes and essential vitamins than any formula on the market!

What should I expect from using UN-LOCK?
You should expect a horse that travels, trains, and competes to have a noticable improvement in performance and recovery with first use. In less than an hour after administration, you can expect to see a more alert and energetic horse with the ability to maintain top speeds longer.*

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UN-LOCK PASTE Administer entire contents of tube orally 30-60 minutes before exercises or and event. May be administered orally via syringe. May be administered for pre and post exercise (1 syringe on each occasion. Post-exercise administration should occur as soon as practicable after hard exercise (preferably within 30 minutes.) May be given up to 4 hours before an event.

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80cc, 475g