Mega Blud Sterivet x 30 28.4g


MEGA BLUD is a multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement.
It supplies the athletic horse with:

  • Essential nutritional for improving fitness conditions
  • Vitamin complex and other vitamins to reduce stress and reactions of fatigue and for rapid energy recovery
  • Iron to increase and maintain a high level of red blood cells
  • Contributes to proper growth in foals.

Vitamin E • Potassium Iodine • Vitamin A • Vitamin D3 • Manganese • Vitamin B group • Zinc • Methionine • Lysine • Glycine • Folic Acid • Panthotenic Acid • Inositol • Choline • Iron • Biotin • Magnesium


  • Adult horse: 1 pouch (28.4 g) daily in the feed ration in 10-15 day cycles
  • Race preparation:  1 pouch daily for 5 days including race day
  • Gestating and lactating mares: 1 pouch daily on alternating days in 15 day cycles
  • Growing foals and colts: 1 pouch daily on alternating days in 10 day cycles

To be mixed with feed

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