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Relax Liquid B12 Calmer


A highly palatable liquid calmer which contains all the key ingredients to help relax a nervous horse.

Why L-Tryptophan?
As with 5-HTP, Fen-Phen also promotes uncontrolled creation of serotonin. Tryptophan, unlike 5-HTP, is an essential amino acid, which the body also uses to create proteins, vitamins (niacin), and enzymes. Tryptophan can be readily converted to 5-HTP as needed, but 5-HTP, on the other hand, cannot replace Tryptophan. It has long been associated with mood and stress relief.

When do I use it?
We recommend giving 60ml daily for the first 7 days then 30ml per day maintenance. Dose can be increased during competition if necessary.

Additives per litre: B12 100.000mcg / L-Tryptophan 1.000mg / Zinc 233mg / Magnesium 4% / Apple flavour

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