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Tuttle’s Elexer Special Veterinary Liniment Muscle Soreness


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Elexer Special Veterinary Liniment

For 125 years, Tuttle’s Elexer has been trusted by trainers to relieve the soreness experienced by overexertion during training and competition. Tuttle’s Elexer is a natural blend of herbs and oils working together to soothe cool tired, sore muscles while stimulating blood circulation without exposing the horse and handler to harmful chemicals. Gentle enough to use daily as a leg brace or ad 4.5 ounces to your horse’s rinse water for a soothing body wash after a race or workout. The essential oils will leave your horse’s coat glossy and bright without an oily residue.


Muscle Soreness

Tuttle’s Elexer is the only veterinary liniment made with ox gall and pure grain alcohol

to cut sweat and soften the hide while essential oils stimulate circulation,

relax the muscle system and relieve soreness after hard workouts.

Hastens “cooling out” after racing.

Use full strength as a counter irritant or dilute 4 1/2 ounces with one gallon of warm water for use as a brace/body wash.

Leaves coat bright and glossy.