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Ulca-Tonic 1L


Ulca-Tonic is a liquid blend of Cut Liquorice Root, Chamomile Flowers, Slippery Elm Powder, Pumpkin Seed, Cut Comfrey Leaf and Mint. Together these herbs act to help protect the delicate lining of your horse’s stomach and intestinal tract. Gastric ulcers in horses can have several effects and are a result of an erosion of the stomach lining. If the digestive acids that the horse excretes naturally are not absorbed by a steady forage intake gastric acidity increases leading to the risk of ulcers. Ulca-Tonic has been trialled successfully, and has alleviated the symptoms of racehorses showing signs of gastric ulcers. Ulca-Tonic is available as a liquid blend.

• Help to protect the delicate lining of the horse’s stomach

• Successfully trialled with racehorses

• Available as a liquid blend

Ponies & smaller horses: 15ml per day (liquid)
Larger horses: 30ml per day (liquid

1L – Up to 66 days supply