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Our own range of good value supplements which are manufactured on our behalf in Germany.  Our longest standing member, Poly O-F, continues to be used by some of the country’s biggest stud farms and sales consigners.  Other tonics include Performance Plus, Relax B12 and Gamma Oryzanol.


Established in New Zealand by Veterinarian Dr. Corinne Hills, her usual pre-competition treatment was to administer a Duphalyte/Amino acid jug containing 10cc Hippiron, 10cc Hemo 15, 30cc CaCo copper, Vitamin B12 and a shot of Folic Acid into the muscle.  This treatment is expensive, time consuming and evasive on horses.  Pro Dosa Boost was developed to replace the need to use this treatment.  It contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in good doses.  For more information www.pro-dosa.com

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Simply brilliant.  There is no wound care product on the market today that can match Equaide, guaranteed.  Equaide creates the perfect environment for wounds to heal, accellerating the healing process.  Equaide not only prevents the formation of excessive granulation tissue, but dissolves even the worst cases of proud flesh without harming healthy tissue.  Its unique formulation, which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, was specifically designed to treat excessive granulation tissue. Equaide promotes a healthy wound bed which accelerates healing for all wounds.  Check out equaide.com for testimonials and bandaging presentations.


Sweet itch is a common problem and the horses that suffer with it, suffer badly.  There are all sorts of rugs, veils, creams & sprays available today but nothing is as effective as Derfen.  It immediately soothes irritations, hydrates the sores and encourages rapid hair growth.  100% natural.  We now also carry their new product Derfly and Natjely.  For more information animaderm.com


A great range of products at the right price.  Whatever you are looking for when it comes to supplements, leg or hoof care this company has it and it won’t hurt your pocket.  Incredible value if you consider other competitors.