Cuts Sarcoids & First Aid

Xxterra – Equine Sarcoid Paste



Xxterra is a well known cosmetic cream .

The term Sarcoid is used to describe various skin tumors in horses. Sarcoid comes in all sizes and shapes and general only affect the skin. Sarcoids can be benign but also malignant. Therefore veterinary advice should always be sought in cases of sarcoids.

XXTERRA, now available in Ireland, is a paste made of zinc salt, water & bloodroot (Sanguineria Canadensis).   The use of bloodroot paste was first reported by Frederick Mohs M.D., in 1941, in the Archives of Surgery.

XXTERRA appears safe on normal skin. It has been used in the oral cavity of humans and dogs with no ill effects. Application to shaved legs of 10 horses under a wrap for 7 days produced only transient erythema on 2 horses. Continuous contact to the hands and arms of Dr Larson for over 30 years has produced nothing but transiently dry skin.