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Natjely (500ml)


Natjely  is the first ever vegetable vaseline in the world, 100% natural, it combines an excellent capacity to
protect and resist against humidity with an intense hydration of the epiderm.

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natjely        Natjely, innovation trophy 2012

Intensive Hydration

Natjely® intensely hydrates the epiderm by way of the enduring diffusion of its moisturizing agents. The OleaEuroapea Fruit oil increases the water content of the skin and maintains its softness and smoothness. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and polyunsaturated acids, Natjely® renders the epiderm soft, supple and shiny

Extreme Protection

  • Against humidity (limbs, pasterns, inner thighs…) and irritations (girth galls, harness sores) through its highly concentrated protective lipid pellicle
  • Against UV radiation through the natural filters of the concentrated agents of Oleaeuropaea fruit oil
  • Against insects and parasites (mane, tail, underline, genitals, and ears) through the creation of a fine protective pellicle produced from stearic acid which causes glutinous adherence and asphyxia.

Resistance Against Humidity

Natjely®, through its filmogenic ingredients, acts as a water repellent (hosing down,rain, humidity). Unlike ordinary Vaseline, Natjely©’s composition allows an aeration of the skin pores whilst offering an effective barrier against external agressions.

Petroleum Jelly, 100% Petroleum By-Product VS Natjely ,100% vegetable

vaseline  Natjely d'Animaderm

Before and After

protection du garrot   protection naseaux Protection against saddle irritation – Protection from the contact allergies

protection insecte cheval  protection piqure d'insecte Protection against insect bites, especially on sensitive areas, such as ears or genital areas

diarrhée du poulain      protection passage de sangle

Intensive hydratation, repairs and protects  against the foal diarrhea – Protection against strap irritation