Muscle Tone & Pain Relief

McCauley’s Rice Bran Oil 3.78L


Feed supplement and feed conditioner for all horses. All natural, unrefined oil that is high in antioxidants and lecithins. Improves haircoat and/or body condition.

– Useful for adding sheen to the hair coat.
– High in digestible energy and will add calories to the diet without extra bulk.
– Natural antioxidants, notably various forms of vitamin E and oryzanols are present in significant levels.
– Safe alternative for horses refusing to consume other vegetable oils.
– Provides the benefits without most of the disadvantages of rice bran.
– Safe for HYPP horses – McCauley’s Rice Bran Oil contains very little potassium, therefore, it provides an excellent source of additional calories to HYPP horse diets. Some feedstuffs, such as rice bran and whole soybeans commonly fed for extra calories, also contain high levels of potassium and would not be recommended for HYPP horses.
– Recommended for:

performance horses, such as endurance horses, 3-day eventers, racehorses and others.
conditioning horses for sale or show.
improving hair coat or body condition.

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