Poly O-F Gut Nutrition France

Poly O-F Gut Nutrition


The horse’s digestive system is crucial for performance and health. This yeast based tonic stimulates the hind gut increasing the nutrient uptake from the feed, increases appetite, improves condition and weight gain. Also proven to help colonic ulcers and colics. This tonic keeps everything on the inside running smoothly.



Things may appear okay from the outside but if a horse’s digestive system is not functioning correctly this can lead to complications and poor health and performance. Poly O-F is an active liquid yeast feed additive tonic made up of the single celled organism Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and is also enriched with wheat-germ oil and lecithin. The yeast lines the gut wall promoting a balanced micro flora and helps covert fiber into energy. Yeast also contributes and enhances mineral and protein digestibility which is crucial for young stock, broodmares and performance horses. This results in optimum gut function increasing nutrient absorption, immune system, reducing the risks of colic and colonic ulcers, improves appetite, weight & condition.

Why use Poly O-F?

The horse will show a greater power of concentration, promotes physical strength, improves the horse’s skin & coat and overall appearance. This tonic is ideal for foals that are not thriving, aging mares, horses recuperating from operations, horses in training and sales preparation.

Feeding Recommendations

All horses: 15-30ml mornings and evenings Mare in foal (months 1-6): 15-30ml mornings and evenings Mare in foal (months 6+): 30ml mornings and evenings High Performance Horses: 30-40ml mornings and evenings

This is not a veterinary medicine which is subject to authorisation by the Board of Medicine.

Officially certified, can be used without risk up to and on the day of competition.

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