Stomach Care & Conditioning Oils

Su-Per GastroShield – 4lb


An aid in the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers. Works to neutralize excess stomach acid, improve digestion, and protect and heal the stomach lining. Contains ingredients proven to coat and protect existing ulcers from worsening, while providing the support needed for fast, healthy repair of the damaged tissue.

Also can be used as a daily preventative, especially in periods of high stress or when the horse is being fed a high-grain diet.

Serving Size: 1 ounce Guarantee per serving:

Calcium Carbonate/Probiotic Blend – 5,000 mg each, MSM – 2,500 mg, DGL Licorice Powder/Vitamin C – 1,000 mg each, Slippery Elm Inner Bark – 400 mg, L-Glycine – 350 mg, L-Glutamine/Gamma Oryzanol – 250 mg each, Niacin/Thiamine – 200 mg each, Chlorophyll/Marshmallow Root – 150 mg each, Ginger Root – 50 mg, Zinc – 25 mg

Recommended Feeding Amount: 1 ounce twice daily or 1 ounce with every feeding which includes grain or feed concentrates, 1/2 ounce twice daily for maintenance.

4lb (60 Day Supply