Joint Support & Calming Tonics

Su-Per Magnesium Pro 4Lb


Su-Per Mag Pro (Formerly MagCalm)

Rated the best magnesium supplement by the “Horse Journal” in the USA

Magnesium – 2,126 mg. per ½ ounce.

Magnesium is an essential constituent of bones and teeth. One of the signs of Magnesium deficiency is hyperirritability, therefore supplementation of Magnesium can produce a calming effect.

New research has indicated that supplementing magnesium can be of great help to the laminitis prone as spring grass is low in magnesium.

Recommended Feeding Amount: ½ ounce daily for 21 days prior to event. May be increased to 1 ounce daily on days when horse is worked to a strong sweat.

4lb (2 Month Supply)