Derma Quat 750ml Sanitizer


This ready to use disinfectant from NUEVO offers a high performance cleaning and disinfectant that is trusted by ambulance services to sterilise vehicles. Loved by Vets and widely used in Schools. Our NUEVO range is ideal for use where total confidence in bio-security and infection control is essential. Performs with a high kill rate. Suitable for fogging indoor spaces.

-Ambulance & Hospital




-Derma-Quat for Surgeries & Vets

-Derma-Quat for Stables

and… Homes across the world

The same powerful active ingredients as our commercial and industrial products ensure you get the same fantastic ‘kill rates’ across the broadest section of harmful bugs… but still safe to use around animals or little ones. At last there is a safe, odourless way of tackling really deep cleaning.

At dilutions of 1:50 Derma-Quat will inactivate both enveloped and naked RNA/DNA viruses including a range of medically important viruses including Herpes simplex type 1 (Herpesviridae), Influenza Hong Kong Virus (Orthomyxoviridae) and Vaccinia (Poxviridae).

Derma-Quat has also been shown to be highly effective against viruses associated with gastroenteritis (Rotavirus) and also a range of bird and animal viruses including Strangles, Rhodococcus Equi, Streptococcus Equi, Aspergillus niger, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia, Salmonelle, MERS/ERVBFoot and Mouth Virus (Picornaviridae), Herpes virus EHV-1, Coronavirus, Poxvirus and Parvovirus. Pathogenic Avian influenza virus (both H7N1 and H5N1) will require higher concentrations of Derma-Quat.

We also offer a disinfecting service where we call to your factory/office/premise and implement a bio-security plan. If this might interest you please call us on 051 383362. Competitive rates.