Ty-Relief 5L

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Lactic acid accumulation in the muscle and blood stream can lead to muscle stiffness, tying-up (cramping of the muscles) and damage to the muscle fibres. Damage severity varies and can result in anything from mild stiffness to an inability to move. This can happen sporadically and acutely or in a more recurrent nature.

The acute form can happen for several reasons, with lactic acidosis being a large contributing factor. Ty-Relief is aimed at neutralising any lactic acid that accumulates in the bloodstream or skeletal muscles.

The product also contains branched chain amino acids, which make up 35% of the amino acids in skeletal muscle proteins, and are included to assist any repair required to muscle fibres after an episode of tying-up. Vitamin E is included to help deal with free radicals that may cause damage to skeletal muscle cell structure through oxidative lipid stress.

-Contains Trisodium Citrate which neutralises lactic acid produced in skeletal muscle and circulating in the bloodstream.
-Citric acid acts as a buffer to reduce acidity.
-Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) to aid in muscle recovery and reduction of lactic acid built up post exercise.
-Natural Vitamin E (more potent than the synthetic form) acts as an antioxidant to defend against free radicals produced during intense exercise.