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Plusvital EnerGene-Q10

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In research published, scientists at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, have shown that the genetic background of a horse has a significant influence on the production of CoQ10 in horse muscle cells. CoQ10 is a key nutrient required for the generation of energy in the mitochondria of the muscle that is particularly important for sustained exercise. Increased levels of CoQ10 may result in more efficient energy production, delayed onset of fatigue during exercise, an improved response to exercise training and enhanced recovery following intense exercise.

The research revealed that Thoroughbred horses that are T:T (suited to exercise requiring stamina) genetic types, as identified by the Plusvital Speed Gene Test, produced significantly lower cellular levels of CoQ10 than the other (C:C and C:T) genetic types, but that these levels can be restored with supplementation. In follow-up field trials, the scientists found that CoQ10 concentration in the muscle increased by 40% following nine weeks of oral supplementation.

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Commenting on the launch of EnerGene-Q10, one of Ireland’s leading racehorse trainers, Henry de Bromhead, said,

“Plusvital is leading the way in taking an active research approach in their product development and this new nutrigenomics innovation is intriguing. CoQ10 is of growing interest as a supplement in human health and we look forward to seeing the fruits of Plusvital’s research particularly in our T:T horses”.

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